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6,84 EUR*
Details Christian Fish Finely Handcrafted in Solid Pewter In UK Lapel Pin Badge by Emblems-Gifts

Diese Abzeichen werden auf Bestellung gefertigt, ausgestattet mit zwei hochwertigen Verschlüsse.G14 pag

26,09 EUR*
Details Antique Photogravure - Adoramas Te

Antique Photogravure by Aubrey Beardsley - Adoramas Te Overall size is approx: 28cm x 22cm. Victorian era print circa 1910s, over 100 years old. This Photogravure is very finely printed and has the appearance of a delicate pencil drawing. Finely ...

22,00 EUR*
Details Sabatier Professionelle Zwei-Phasen Messerschärfer

Product Description Features Sharpens & Finely Hones straight edge knives. First-stage system resharpens blunt blades. Second-stage system finely hones straight-edge blades for long-lived edges. Comfortable-to-hold, soft rubber grip handle and rubber ...

18,48 EUR*
Details Silverline 801290 Kantenschere 930 mm

Border shears with finely ground, hardened and tempered Teflon-S coated blades. Soft-grip handles.

17,49 EUR*
Details Gold Stork Scissors

Premium range finely pointed gold coloured scissors.

17,22 EUR*
Details Kenco Millicano Caff Free Tin 100g

A decaffeinated blend of instant coffee & finely-milled coffee beans

9,53 EUR*
Details C.K T2327 Radiopinzette 155 mm

Tip width 2mm;Fine blunt points;Finely milled inside;Polished and fine nickel plated;Serrated grips

35,05 EUR*
Details Lochbeitel

Use with morticing machines to cut square holes. Contains 6, 10, 13 and 16mm chisels. High carbon hardened and tempered steel. Finely ground and polished with honed edges.

10,69 EUR*
Details Draper 56865 10Mm Bevel Edge Wood Chisel

Chrome vanadium steel hardened, tempered, finely ground;Clear lacquer coated;Draper Guaranteed Product

18,45 EUR*
Details Hultafors Schlagschnurkreide Ultrablau 1000, 652641

Pigment-rich, producing clear and long-lasting lines;The chalk is finely milled and effectively attaches to the cord;Contains dolomite and ultramarine

15,72 EUR*
Details HENRY SQUIRE Lp8t Leopard Brass Padlocks Twin Pack 30mm

Finely shaped solid brass case to give a slimmer profile

12,38 EUR*
Details Kitchen Craft Edelstahl-Rundsieb, 18 cm

Stainless steel round sieve;Finely woven stainless steel mesh;Twin wire handle and resting arms;Dishwasher safe;Size - 18cm diameter

5,30 EUR*
Details Coffee - Espresso - Blechschilder Nostalgie - Grösse 15x20 cm

Coffee Espresso Größe (cm), ca. 15x20 Blechschild, NEU hochwertig bedrucktes Stahlblechschild, ohne Prägung. Beschreibung: Blechschild, Finely Ground Coffee

17,06 EUR*
Details Lowepro Portofino 20 Kameratasche, Leder, Rot

Classic, stylish and finely detailed, the Portofino 20 case is designed to fit and protect today's most-popular, compact camera models.

9,49 EUR*
Details Rosewood Crochet Hooks-

lacis rosewood crochet hooks finely tooled and smoothly finished authentic rosewood crochet hooks. smooth and warm in the hand and beautiful too. hand turned in india. measures 7 inches long.

27,23 EUR*
Details HENRY SQUIRE Lp9tr Leopard Brass Card (3) Padlocks Keyed Alike

Finely shaped solid brass case to give a slimmer profile

4,38 EUR*
Details Hemline Bügelstift, rot

hot iron transfer pencil.;trace designs onto paper using a finely sharpened transfer pencil then turn over and iron design onto fabric.;great for embroidery fabric painting and craft work.

24,99 EUR*
Details Manschettenknöpfe – Kricket

Cufflinks - Cricket Quintessential cricket bat cufflinks. The frivolity of cricket in cufflinks. Stylish cufflinks for cricketers or cricket fans. Finely detailed and high quality. Crafted from stainless steel. The ultimate in sporting style ...

24,60 EUR*
Details Am-Tech 12 Zoll Engineers Square, P3750

Am-Tech 12 Zoll Engineers Square, P3750 - Solid steel engineers square with hardened, tempered and finely polished blades - Am-Tech Branded

24,99 EUR*
Details Manschettenknöpfe – Rennreiter

Cufflinks - Jockey Quintessential jockey cap cufflinks. Cufflinks fit for a jockey. Stylish cufflinks for jockeys or horseracing fans. Finely detailed and high quality. Crafted from stainless steel. The ultimate in sporting style. Comes in ...

24,99 EUR*
Details Manschettenknöpfe – Panzern

Cufflinks - Tanks Accessorise with military tank cufflinks. The military just got stylish. Armament for your arms. Finely detailed and high quality. Crafted from stainless steel. Wear the ultimate military weapon on your sleeves. Comes in ...

8,57 EUR*
Details Butter Musselin

Kitchen Craft Butter Muslin, Bagged with Header Card Traditional finely woven 100% cotton muslin, ideal for straining, steaming, preserving, and cheese maturing. Simply cut to size as required. Machine washable for reuse. Size: 90cm square Machine ...

13,37 EUR*
Details Art Alternatives Artist Manikin 4.5"-

Beautifully designed, perfectly proportioned, finely turned hardwoods. These manikins have flexible spring joints to permit life-like poses. Compete with round wood stand. 4.5 Male manikin. Natural wood.

25,10 EUR*
Details Disgrace

Emerging from the dissident calibrations of literary voices joined together in the culture of protest against the apartheid regime, the distinctive writing of novelist, critic and academic J M Coetzee has become identified as one of the most finely ...

10,99 EUR*
Details Mothers and Sons

"Mothers and Sons" is a sensitive and beautifully written meditation on the dramas surrounding this most elemental of relationships. Psychologically intricate and emotionally incisive, each finely wrought story teases out the delicate and difficult ...

3,83 EUR*
Details Dicentra Hybrids Seeds

This valuable seed has been individually collected from several well known cultivars including 'Bacchanal', 'Langtrees' and 'Boothman's Variety'. Pink or purple nodding locket flowers hover above dense clumps of finely dissected green ferny foliage ...

5,50 EUR*
Details Butter Musselin - 90Cm Quadrat - Dehnungs Gelees / Käse

Traditionellen Fein Gewebte Baumwoll- Musselin Ideal Für Belasten, Dämpfen, Erhaltung, Und Käsereifung. traditional finely woven cotton muslin ideal for straining; steaming; preserving; and cheese maturing`

3,59 EUR*
Details Doves Farm Self Raising Wholemeal Flour 1kg

Organic Stone ground very finely from soft English wheat grain with added raising agents. This 100% wholemeal flour will make surprisingly light home made cakes.

6,48 EUR*
Details Color Expert Maler Abdeckband, 18 mm x 50 m 96011843

Universally applicable;Indoor use;Temperatures up to 60C;finely creped for flat paint edges;Max. 7 days wait to tape

20,80 EUR*
Details Global Art 48 Pencil Case Steel Blue by Global Art

Handcrafted of finely woven 16oz canvas;Holds and transports 48 pencils;Steel blue canvas with black zipper

37,91 EUR*
Details Old World "Zwerg"

The World 's best-loved mouth-blown Figural Glass Ornament Kollektionen; Delicately Hand Painted with many Bright Lacquers and Glitters for you to Enjoy; Carefully mouth-blown Into hat FINELY hergestellt Mold; whimsical Glass Ornament; großes ...

8,76 EUR*
Details Leuchtdichte 6901 Farbe Bleistift 508 Paynes Grau

Der Caran d 'Ache LUMINANCE 6901 Farbe Bleistift ist eine Kombination von höchster Lichtechtheit und die Geschmeidigkeit einer dauerhaften führen. Jeder Schirm hat mit finely-ground Pigmenten formuliert aufgrund ihrer Reinheit ausgewählt, die ...

3,62 EUR*
Details Tanacetum Macrophyllum Seeds

This magnificent extremely hardy specimen produces very strong, stiff stems bearing finely-divided feathery leaves, above which, in July and August, open masses of large, cauliflower-like umbels composed of countless, small,yellow-eyed white flowers ...

6,12 EUR*
Details Pulsatilla Vernalis Seeds

These exquisite plants are semi-evergreen perennials, forming clumps of finely dissected leaves, with solitary, hairy, cup-shaped white flowers with petals delicately shaded purple on reverse, nodding in bud, later upward-facing, followed by silky ...

3,54 EUR*
Details Chelidonium Majus 'Laciniatum' Seeds

A dainty, and nowadays very rare, curiosity. Deeply-divided, finely-cut, fern-like foliage, displays numerous bright yellow flowers consisting of frilly, almost feather-like petals. Also sometimes called Chelidonium 'Bowles Variety'. SOWING ADVICE ...

2,87 EUR*
Details Caraway Seeds

Also known as meridian fennel, or Persian cumin, this ancient plant is native to western Asia, Europe and Northern Africa. Very similar in appearance to other members of the carrot family, it has finely divided, feathery leaves with thread-like ...

6,57 EUR*
Details Rosewood Crochet Hook-Size I9/5.5mm

LACIS-Rosewood Crochet Hooks finely tooled and smoothly finished authentic rosewood crochet hooks. Smooth and warm in the hand and beautiful too. Hand turned in India. Measures 7 inches long.

2,87 EUR*
Details Polemonium Brandegeei Seeds

An exceptionally vigorous "Jacob's Ladder", flaunting bunches of darker-ended, peach-coloured trumpet flowers on strong stems of finely-divided foliage. SOWING ADVICE: For best results, sow immediately onto a good soil-based compost. Cover the seeds ...

15,95 EUR*
Details Mao: The Real Story

Mao This "comprehensive, judicious, and finely detailed" (Roderick MacFarquhar, "The New York Review of Books") biography of Mao Zedong traces how he created a totalitarian government even more destructive and extreme than Stalin's, while transforming ...